William Schwab


​Guitarist, Vocalist and Composer.  BFS is William's brainchild. William emerged from the "Deep Woods" to share the stories and songs that call out him, and the audience around him.  His songs are heavily influenced by his dreams, nature, and of course the light and dark of everyday life.

Dave​ Rentz


Percussionist  and Multiple instrumentalist Dave Rentz has made art and music his life.  A veteran performer of over 36 years.  Dave is one of the most known musicians in the Verde Valley, you can find his beats and rhythms on the albums of bands such as Major Lingo, Chris Jameson, and Decker.

Rachel Mari Kimber


Cellist, and Vocalist, Rachel has journey from across the pond to join B.F.S in it's journey into the deep wood.  An acomplishment composer in her own right. Rachel brings the deep ethereal essence that completes the band's story.

    Michael McDonald


Bassist Michael McDonald returned to the stage after hearing BFS live. Their music reminded him  of his musical roots of the Progressive era and inspired him to begin playing again. Michael is a published songwriter and veteran musician.